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An Evening of

Elegance & Enchantment


Irish Soprano

Yvonne O'Toole

12th Oct 2019

Charleville Castle,


Soprano Yvonne O' Toole sold out her first ever solo concert for a very special fundraising event for Charleville Castle.

From the first moment of passing over the threshold of the eerily lit Charleville Castle Castle, magic filled the air with notes of excited anticipation from eager guests attending Sopranos, Yvonne O'Toole evening of Elegance & Enchantment.

Footsteps treaded softly up the gently sloping staircase, flickering candlelight guided the way to the entrance of the ballroom. The ornate and haunting interiors of the castle were complemented beautifully by the set designs of artist Roisin Maher.

Guests entered a wonderfully intimate space where they were greeted with a cosy crackling fire and the scent of Tullamore D.E.W and freshly cut orange perfumed the air. 

As Yvonne took to the stage, she captivated her audience instantly as her voice filled the sold out ballroom of Charleville Castle.

Her passion & inspiring talent is undeniable.

Her audience laughed & cried as Yvonne's emotions flowed through every note & lyric she sang, it was just breathtaking.

Her ability to connect with her audience was outstanding. 

Yvonne's dazzling version of Dreams by The Cranberries & stunning soft rendition of Grace was a personal highlight,

perfectly paired with notes that seemed to delicately float from the fingertips of Irish harpist

Elaine Hogan

A modern addition to a classical genre. 

Dr. Micahel O'Brien's skillfully piano accompaniment

with the soparno allowed time to stand still with songs like 

Nella Fantasia & O Mio Babbino Caro 

mesmerised the room.

Inside the heart of the castle,

Yvonne's top notes pulsed & set the castle alive. 

In grounds steeped in history...history was made.

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