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Offaly/ Ireland

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Make Up Artist 

Make Up Artist Specialist  

As so many girls have done, Yvonne first discovered make up at a young age. But with Yvonne, what began as something that was required only to serve her own personal needs, soon developed into something much more.


First, it became a hobby, as Yvonne's perfectionist's eye, careful attention to precise detail, and instinct for seeing each individual in their own unique light, was called upon regularly by her friends. 


Over time, it was no surprise that this hobby transformed into a fully-formed passion, leading to Yvonne's talents being recognised with positions in MAC Cosmetics in Brown Thomas, Limerick, and later as supervisor of the MAC counter in Brown Thomas, Galway.


It was no more than a natural progression for Yvonne to eventually take those years of well earned knowledge, hands-on experience in so many different settings, and meticulously honed skill-sets, into the freelance world, travelling nationwide from her base in the midlands to play her part in making so many brides look and feel at their most beautiful on the greatest day of their lives. 


Indeed, Yvonne is renowned for her ability to expertly compliment and emphasis a client's natural beauty through her work as a make up  artist, a gift which reflects the way her own radiant personality draws out and highlights a person's inner beauty when in her company.